Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Little Weeknight Adventure

My first post on this is going to be about my little and very quick trip up to see my wonderful hubby last night. I made him Chicken Alfredo Bubble Up, stuck it in the carrying case to keep it warm and set on my journey to Battle Lake where he is building a cabin. I haven't been up there for a few weeks so I was excited to see how the project was coming along.

After devouring the meal I brought (I think I should get some brownie points here don't you) we took a tour of the house. Wow. It's magnificent. There is a wall of windows in the family room that look out over the lake. In the family room there is also a magnificent fireplace made of smooth stones. It's gorgeous and I might have been jealous/drooled slightly. Someday...somewhere in my dreams I might have a house like this!

Another step" that has happened is that they built the stairs in the house. I'll let you know the last time I was there I "may" have almost got stuck coming down the ladder from the second floor. How embarrassing! My hubby at least got a few giggles over that one. I personally was trying not to freak out and thinking what on earth happens if I can't climb down this ladder. Good thing we didn't have to go there and I was able to get down. Impressive huh?

The siding on the side facing the lake is started also. There will be shakes on the top peak on the house. I personally love shakes. They are doing a two-tone siding and it switches to a lighter tan about half way up. I had my doubts when hubby was trying to explain this to me but it looks great. Good thing they know what they are doing because I sure don't. Henceforth why I am not an interior designer!

I can't wait to see the finished product on the house!

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